Author & Illustrator



ADRIAN BELL trained as a cellist. He has written music, songs, poetry and fiction. Mother Moth is his first full-length novel. 'The book arose,' he says, 'from a song of mine, whose melody ran down a flight of stairs into the nether-world. Those stairs went so deep, I turned back, and found myself at Elspeth's place, Milkcow Farm. Music is the wellspring of my work. After music, poetry speaks next true. Fairy tales are prose poems. Their music grabs us, and we cannot choose but hear.'


FRANCESCA BELL's illustrations for Mother Moth were the creative component of a PhD at University of Newcastle, Australia. She describes her work: 'The illustrations use a lacquering technique, building from rough sketch to a patina of depth and brilliance. First thoughts, false starts, slips of the pen are all there. I wanted to reflect the book's sense of interior depth and dissolved boundary. The pictures grew the way fairy tales grow, reinforcing some elements, sending others to the shadows.'